Jonathan Carrillo aka “DJ Jase,” has been involved with music ever since the tender age of five, playing the piano and performing at Carnegie Hall by the age of nine. Soon after, at the mere age of 13, he obtained a job as an intern at a local radio station, which led to his initial exposure within the music industry.

Tasks included editing tracks, creating promos, deejaying and mixing. Needless to say, it is the industry he never turned away from. During his stint, he was introduced to a pair of turntables, which in turn, heightened his passion for music. Realizing that this was something he was truly serious about, he saved his money and at the age of sixteen purchased his first turntables. With this new step forward, he began deejaying at local parties. Once the confidence resonated, he went over to a popular local club to inquire about deejaying in the near future. From then on, history began to write itself.

DJ Jase has deejayed at some of the hottest clubs in NYC. Venues include Crimson, La Pomme, Hudson Terrence, Pacha and many more. He has chosen to make a career out of his passion, and still manage to go to Baruch College and obtain a degree in business management. Between college courses throughout the day, and deejaying at night, DJ Jase still finds time to produce edits and original tracks. In addition to editing, he has an EP coming out on Beatport this summer. Stay tuned.


Goldbar, Gunbar, Riff Raffs, Pacha, W.I.P., Ravel, Greenhouse, Hudson Terrace, Kiss and Fly, Sky Room, Hudson Hotel, Bar Basque, Crimson, Chelsea Room, GLO


Open Format – Dance – Electro House – Top 40 – Mashups – Hip-Hop – Dubstep – New Disco