Dj Santa, born Alex Steven Persaud in North Carolina on December 25th, 1985 did not see this path at all when he was growing up as a kid. Always having a love for sports and being that kid who was athletic, he turned to music for motivation and a means to cope with issues in his life. From house parties to gatherings at parks, the party would not start until he walked in. All he could recall is “Music is here.” With this said, one thing led to another and Alex was on a path to something he had no control over. It started with him playing music from his laptop and keeping the party going. He purchased his first MIDI in the summer of 2008, and could not be torn apart from it ever since. In such short time Alex has become a name known around NY for spinning the most exclusive tracks and keeping the crowd going with his amazing mic game. He is determined and on a mission to spin all around the world and to do what Santa does best and spread the gift of music with his presence! Recently Santa teamed up with producer / DJ ‘Wess’ out of Croatia and the new EDM duo, known as ‘Wess & Santa’ is already gaining a lot of buzz for their production.


Hip Hop / Reggae / Techno / House / RnB / Old School / Mash-Ups / Reggaeton

(Anything Under The Sun)


LA / NY / NJ / PA / CT / FL / DC / MD / AZ / OH / TN