Your Guide to ULTRA 2013

Even if you’ve experienced EDM at Webster Hall, Pacha, EDC, or even Electric Zoo, you haven’t experienced any music festival (arguably in the United States, we all know TomorrowLand is the sh*t) like Ultra. Don’t worry, The Ari Gold Group is here to help.

Cellphone Usage: Hate to break it to you- you’re not going to have any cell phone service. Plan meet up spots in case you lose your group. If you’re not in a “good state of mind” it’s important to be with people you know and trust. Refer back to the buddy system. Last year the festival was at Bicentennial Park, significantly smaller than this year’s Bayfront Park, and there was little to no service last year. Maybe it will take forever to send texts and impossible to make phone calls, you can definitely use your phone to take pictures since they don’t allow any recording devices in the park. Even point and shoot cameras were confiscated last year.

$: It’s best to leave your credit cards home and take some cash instead. First of all, if you lose your credit card, even all of the luck in the world will not be enough to find it.  Second of all, Water bottles are $5 each and it’s more convenient to buy it from a guy walking around with a cooler rather than waiting in line.

Agua: Speaking of water, this year there will be water refill stations woohoo. For those who have gone to EDC, it’s the same deal. But still expect to bring money to buy a water bottle to fill up repeatedly.

Clothing: As much as we all love to see pics of your super fashionable ULTRA outfits plastered everywhere on Facebook, it’s not Fashion Week. Don’t wear your favorite pair of shoes or top just because it looks better. Keep in mind that you’ll be sweating and moving around for 12 hours straight. I do agree it’s important to look your best; however, invest in some trendy clothes that you don’t care to dirty up.

Necessities: If you’re susceptible to germs and aren’t wearing a full body suit, you should bring hand sanitizer. Not to sound like your mom, but seriously-no one wants to come back from Ultra sick. A small towel can be good for wiping sweat on a hot day, but if you’re into sweating, by all means leave the towel at home. If you want to avoid sunglasses tans or just burning in general, sunscreen is the answer.

MENTALLY PREPARE. It’s a huge music festival. You will be shoved. You will be pushed. You will be stepped and spilled on. Embrace it. Make friends with everyone and meet some of the most interesting people from all over the world. After all, you’re all here for the same thing- the love of music.

Hope this guide helped some of the Ultra virgins and maybe even some veterans. Happy raving.


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