The Ari Gold Group’s Guide to NYE

With New Years Eve around the corner, everyone is finalizing (or just starting to make) their perfect New Years Eve plans to make their celebratory toast at midnight as special as possible but let’s be real here- unless you successfully guilt your best friend or some random friend into throwing a New Years Eve bash, you will most likely end up at a club.  Don’t worry, whether you’re in NYC, Miami, LA, Vegas, or even some Jersey Shore spin off club, The Ari Gold Group has your back with the latest NYE tips.

1. Do not rely on the open bar. Be ready to get one or two free watered down drinks, but don’t expect to party your night off of it as there are dozens of other people crowding the bar to get the same thing.

2. Guys AND GIRLS- be prepared to buy a table. Honestly, if you’re going to spend $150+ for a ticket, doesn’t it make more sense to buy a table so you don’t have to pay extra for drinks? Sorry, even your favorite promoter will not be having a promoter table that night. GUYS, here’s your chance to invite an attractive girl to your table or offer to buy her a drink. She can’t run off to her promoters’ tables.

3. NYC clubbers- BRING A JACKET! It’s going to be impossible getting a cab already…might as well be warm. Just be sure to spend the extra $5 on coat check. Seriously, it’s not worth losing your jacket.

4. LADIES, make sure you bring a secure purse or handbag! Even if its your favorite crossover, if it easily opens, you may be seeing your new iPhone 5 for the last time. NYE is a prime time for pick pockets.

5. Drink responsibly. Security will not have a problem kicking your overly drunk bum out.

6. Dress to impress. Men, pull out the blazer, leave the jeans at home, and make sure to accessorize with a watch and deodorant/cologne. Ladies, leave the tacky metallic at home. People like the NYE ball in times square, not you dressed as it.

7. Bring your phone chargers and extra batteries. Your phone will not be able to last the entire night/morning. Make sure to keep in touch with your friends and family! (Blackberry users especially)

8. Figure out a place to crash ahead of time. It’s cool to be all spontaneous, but make sure you have some safe options to avoid roaming the streets during daylight waiting for the next train or bus home.

9. MAKE SURE TO BRING GUM OR MINTS. No one wants a horrible NYE kiss. It’s the perfect excuse to kiss a best friend, a stranger (be careful, the flu is coming around), or even an ex.

10. Ladies, make sure you make your make up last all night or bring some pocket sized products. It will be packed. It will be sweaty. Be prepared. Also, no matter how much your feet hurt…DO NOT take off your heels at clubs! Make sure to pad your heels so that you don’t get blisters or cuts, anyway the alcohol should take care of the pain.

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