Should we tax hipsters? Americans think so

We’ve all seen, heard, read, and have probably used the word “hipster” in our everyday life, but what does the term hipster actually mean?

No one knows.

Regardless, it turns out hipsters don’t have that many friends outside of their fellow hipsters. Public Policy Polling has found, in a questionably scientific way, that 42% of Americans do not like hipsters at all and 27% of voters think they should be required to pay a special tax for “being so annoying.”

Commenter “Ken” responded to the Public Policy Polling’s ‘s press release, with the following definition:

“A true hipster looks borderline homeless. More than likely, from a wealthy family, college educated, works at a bar or coffee shop, rides a fixed gear, mustached or bearded, Ray Bans lots of Ray Bans, dirty, but not as dirty as a hippy. Pleasant individually, but rather dicky, opinionated, arrogant and condescending in groups, similar to a frat guy. Portrays a “I don’t give a f#ck” attitude, however, secretly, is highly competitive in being ironic.”

Whether you’re a hipster, JCrew prepster, hippie, frat star, GQ wanna be, or confused, you’re more than welcome to always come out with the Ari Gold Group.


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