Going to EDC alone? Here’s some tips- we won’t tell

Most of you would probably never go to a music festival alone yet alone a Starbucks, but if you think about it, a lot of people do and it makes a lot of sense.

Whenever people go to EDC in a group, the entire time, they’re always worried about being separated.  When one person needs to go to the bathroom, the entire group ALL HAS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.  It sucks, but it’s part of the price with going with large groups.  That’s just how it is at the Carnival.  You can easily get lost in a sea of EDM junkies.

One blogger describes his experience going alone: http://www.howtoedc.com/going-to-edc-alone/

For those who don’t want to browse the full site, here are his tips:

TIP – Bring a camera.  So you can shove all the awesome pics you take with other people in the faces of your “supposed” friends that didn’t want to go with you.

BENEFIT – You can act completely ridiculous and no one will ever judge you for it.  I love this fact because I am a horrible dancer.  I got rhythm but my feet and arms seem to be attached to a string.  It’s awkward and it’s ugly and it’s me.

TIP – Remember that you aren’t alone.  There will be thousands of people around you within arms-reach.  They are there for the same reason – for the love of EDM.

BENEFIT – You can easily make your way to the front of the stage without being obnoxious and rude.  Try navigating your way to the stage with a big group without stepping on a few toes.  Not going to happen.  People would be pissed and not to mention it’s totally against PLURR.  It violates the R, as in Respect.

TIP – Wear something festive.  It helps break the ice when meeting other people.

BENEFIT – Do as you please anytime you want to.  That means you can leave if you want to, go to the bathroom anytime, grab a bite to eat when you’re hungry, etc.

TIP –  If you decide to post on craigslist or other message boards to meet up with other EDC fans, please proceed with caution.

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