Going out in NYC? Yes, there’s an App for that.


Over the years, The Ari Gold Group has cultivated well-established connections with the hottest venues in NYC. These connections have provided us with the ability to cater the rarest services and high-end experiences for our clients. Having said that, The Ari Gold Group is introducing its own iPhone app- yes, now you can book events and RSVP  straight from your Apple product.

The Ari Gold Group is extrapolating its clientele and convenience with an iPhone Application. This application will allow users to easily RSVP to events, reserve tables, check out the weekly line-up, see who’s DJing, and access to the hottest and latest parties New York City has to offer with the touch of a screen. No more holding on the phone for table reservations or talking to snotty hostesses. Simply use our app to do this instead.  To ensure timeliness and accuracy, you can even get in touch with one of our top promoters yourself. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, but if you would like to speak to someone personally, you will not be put on hold.

Have friends that are in NYC for the weekend? Instead of explaining the whole “NYC promoter” concept, just forward them the app and they’re set for the night. No hassle, no mess, no promoters not answering your calls or texts back when you’re at the door. No more annoying mass text messages, e-mails, or Facebook invites when you live 7,000 miles from the city. It’s simple- when you’re in NYC for the night, check out what’s going on with The Ari Gold Group App and you are set for the night.

In addition to the other elements included in the application, The Ari Gold Group is currently working on these next features:

A blogging site for house music

Updated nightlife news articles

The ability to purchase tickets as well as reserve tables for Pacha with discounted prices off of the www.AriGoldGroup.com website

Ability to book DJ’s to spin at the most popular and exclusive clubs in NYC as well as adding their press kit to the www.AriGoldGroup.com website

Just search “AriGoldGroup” in App Store. Sorry we’re not sorry Blackberry users.

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